About Us

Right Alignment is a software venture designed to raise consciousness through technology. Modern society often applies value to external sources while ignoring intuition, and Right Alignment seeks to build tools to bridge this gap. By promoting spiritual and psychological awareness, we hope to inspire reflection into the words people use and the actions they take.

Koa, Right Alignment’s founder, has led projects for some of the world’s largest companies, with a history of writing software for Apple devices since the days of NeXT computers. Chandler is a fine artist and published comic illustrator with a background in small business management and law. Together, we are building iOS software to redefine mindfulness and elevate our users.

Our Journey with Dvn8

June 2022

We began working on our first mobile app Dvn8™ in July of 2021, and we released it just under one year later! After the pandemic turned our lives upside down, we decided it was time to start something new. Koa came out of retirement to learn a host of new Apple technologies to code the app. Chandler put down her paintbrushes and brushed up on oracles, patent law, and graphic design. Together, we worked tirelessly for months on end to solve extensive problems surrounding Apple’s SwiftUI system and to incorporate all of the desired functionality of a premium divination app. And we did it all while living on a sailboat!

Our priorities from the beginning were two-fold: to work with Apple’s latest technologies, and to create software that would help people connect to their own intuition. While we’re both certified Apple enthusiasts, Koa has been writing software for Apple devices for 25+ years. So it was a no-brainer when it came time to decide what platform upon which we should build.

But figuring out what to build was a bit more challenging. As a tarot practitioner, Chandler was interested in building an intimate space for digital practice. Koa saw an opportunity to highlight awareness and compassion from his Tibetan Buddhist background. We agreed that the app needed more than just tarot, so we expanded our scope to the I Ching and Germanic runes. In doing so, we were able to incorporate different perspectives on personal growth and paths to awareness.

In our pursuit, we stumbled upon a truly remarkable idea that would radically change our trajectory. Most apps featuring cards, games of chance, or divination use a random number generator to furnish a user’s card selection. Our raison d’être was to intimately connect the user to their reading, so we found a way to let the user’s movement or energy shuffle the cards! We were so excited by this development that we filed for patent protection (it’s pending!). And after testing Dvn8 for months, we can confidently say that the addition of this technology truly makes our product stand out.

We are so excited to finally share Dvn8 with you, and we hope that it resonates with you as it does with us! As we continue on our journey, we look forward to releasing even more products that provide opportunities for connection.

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