Dvn8 Version 2.0 – Our Story

Version 2.0 is the culmination of 6 months of work re-tooling our very first app. When we published our first app Dvn8 last year, we had never done any of this before! Navigating SwiftUI for the first time took us almost a year, and figuring out how to conduct beta testing, Search Ads, and more was all a whirlwind. While we definitely delivered a professional app with V1, the finished product was not as polished as it could have been. Even so, we earned over 30 five-star ratings in less than a year, mostly based on word of mouth alone!

This last October, we had the good fortune to sit down and speak with one of Apple’s design experts at the Ask Design Evangelism series. We listened to everything they had to say about Version 1 and seriously considered how we could implement all of their advice. We went back to basics and studied the Human Interface Guidelines, we brainstormed on our core values and message, and we came up with a much cleaner interface and stronger brand message overall. We’re beyond thankful we got the opportunity to get that valuable feedback — especially as an independent, two-person team without endless resources to spend on consultants and design agencies. Every change we made was hard-won but improved our app ten-fold. We couldn’t have done it without the resources that Apple provides to developers like us.

We can confidently say that Version 2 makes Dvn8 an out-of-this-world, stellar, best-in-its-class app. And we crafted it all by ourselves with the promise that we wouldn’t leave any feature just “good enough.” Of course we still have future functionality to implement (I’m working on the Spanish localization ¡ahorita!), and we expect to continue dealing with the spicy side of SwiftUI (grrr, bugs), but we’re exceedingly proud of the work we’ve put into this update.

Our app provides an experience that none of our competitors can provide thanks to our (patent pending!) proprietary algorithm that uses energy to read tarot cards instead of having a random number generator pull a random card that’s not connected to the user whatsoever. Dvn8 elevates digital tarot to the real deal, seriously. And although we built the app for ourselves, we can see that others are starting to love it too. We would be over the moon to receive support from Editorial given that we’re bootstrapping our project on a shoestring budget. Above all we believe our product speaks for itself – if you can’t access 2.0 in our TestFlight, please let us know and we’ll send you a link! We need a few more weeks to address minor issues, but we expect to be ready to submit and release by mid-April. Our target release date is April 19 — the new moon in Taurus + solar eclipse! — the perfect spooky date to celebrate our spooky accurate app.

You can also browse our press materials for our 2.0 release below!