Version 2.0

We’ve completely upgraded PebbleZ’s iPhone functionality and re-imagined the user interface in a bold new color scheme! iPhone navigation is easier than ever and data inputs have been upgraded with animations. The Meditation Timer has a new look as well. We’re proud to continue supporting Apple Watch functionality and HealthKit integration to sync across your devices. You can read more about this version in our Press Release.

Version 1.2: Widgets + Community Updates

To help you be mindful throughout the day, we’ve introduced widget functionality for Dvn8! See card meanings from your latest reading at a glance from either Home or Lock Screen. You can also focus on a particular past reading by promoting it to widgets in the settings menu.

We’ve also introduced our new Community Updates feature on the Notifications screen to better connect with users and send up-to-date app information and offers.

Lastly, we’ve fixed a few bugs with this version, namely an error causing crashes when opening from app notifications.

Along with the update to Version 1.2, we are expiring the limited offer for a free month of Dvn8 Pro from September 10, 2022. However, new users and non-subscribers can expect to find promotional offers from time to time within our new Community Updates feature.

Version 1.1: Widgets and Cross-App Functionality

Now you can track your mindfulness at a glance with iPhone widgets, including iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets!

In addition, PebbleZ has graduated from Apple Watch-only to two fully-functional, independent apps! Whether you use your Apple Watch, iPhone, or both, you can track your mindfulness and sync across devices. Timed meditations can be started on either device as well! Please note that heart rate is only available on watchOS.

Lastly, if you also use Dvn8, you can now use PebbleZ to log your intuition! PebbleZ can display your most recent Dvn8 readings on Apple Watch to allow you to meditate on your insight and log feedback.

Version 1.1.1: Physical Decks + Limited Offer

The newest version of Dvn8 updates the app for iOS 16 and offers Pro users the ability to manually input readings done outside of Dvn8 using a physical deck.

To allow more users to take advantage of this new feature as well as explore all of Dvn8’s premium tools, we’re giving away a free month of the Dvn8 Pro upgrade to new users and non-subscribers for a limited time! Simply update your app from the Apple App Store or download Version 1.1.1 as a new user.

Pythian Priestess Dvn8 Review [TikTok]

TikTok influencer Pythian Priestess recently reviewed Dvn8 in a video that now has over 33k views. The host of The Occult Unveiled podcast expressed her enthusiasm for the app’s energy-reading technology and journal function. Pythian Priestess teaches her own school of magick online and has over 9.3M likes on TikTok.