About Dvn8

Tap into your intuition with Dvn8™ (pronounced “divinate”)! We designed Dvn8 to help you connect with your inner guidance through divination. Our patent pending technology uses ✨your energy✨ to shuffle the cards. So instead of an impersonal random number generator, you can be sure that your readings are influenced by your own actions. How do we do it? Download now and see!

Dive into the wisdom of the tarot and I Ching, all with updated descriptions for a modern audience. Filter your Past Readings using data-rich functionality, or contemplate card meanings through private journaling. Dvn8’s standard Free version contains all of this value and more.

For an even more stunning experience, you can upgrade to Dvn8 Pro through in-app purchase! Exclusive Pro functionality includes runes and features such as fine-tuned Moon Phases, a data Dashboard, customizable tags and meanings, and many other advanced divination settings.

In addition, we take your privacy seriously, so your personal data will never be collected or sold. You can choose to share your readings with friends via social media, or keep your readings private. It’s up to you!

App Features

Dvn8 has so many fantastic features, it’s hard to narrow down! But we’ll try anyway:

  • Spooky Shit: We call our energy-reading technology Gyr8™ (pronounced “gyrate”). This process detects your movements as well as the energy around you and uses this energy to shuffle your cards! This is way more personal than a random number generator.
  • Tools: Dvn8 offers advanced divination settings not offered in other apps, including the ability to pull clarifier cards and create custom tags and spreads. In addition, our sleek Ritual Tools provide an aesthetic way to get precise results from your practice. Sophisticated search features and 150+ original oracle descriptions ensure that there’s always something new to discover.
  • Privacy: Other apps collect and sell your data for profit. We put your privacy first so there are no bad vibes. Dvn8 never collects or sells personal data, and all of your private app data is private to you. That’s a promise.
  • Stay in Touch: Attention-grabbing notifications allow you to learn about a new card each day! Tap to dive into the full card meaning and level up in your practice.