Dvn8 Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on October 23, 2022 by Right Alignment LLC (DBA and hereinafter “Right Alignment”). By using Dvn8™, and with your express consent, you acknowledge receipt and acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information

Right Alignment does not collect user data or personal information from Dvn8. All of your app data is stored on your device and/or in your Apple iCloud account. All of your personal information in Dvn8 is private and is tied to your Apple ID. We do not collect, share, or sell your personal data. We only make money with Dvn8 when you choose to make in-app purchases via the Apple App Store payment system.

Additional Information

You have the option to share your location data and camera/photo data with Dvn8 for the following purposes: (i) to inform the moon phases feature, and (ii) to create a private profile page that is just for you. In addition, every time you create a reading, your approximate location is recorded to facilitate future app functionality. None of this data is visible to us. You can opt-out of sharing this data at any time in your device settings. If you choose not to share this data, you will still have full functionality.


Dvn8 remembers your app preferences and saves them within the app data on your device and/or in your Apple iCloud account to enhance app functionality and to coordinate across your devices. If you choose not to use Apple iCloud for Dvn8, you may have limited functionality. Any text fields you fill out within the app are optional and private, including your profile name and journal entries. This data is only visible to you.

External Sharing

Our app contains a sharing feature so that you can easily post a screenshot to your social media or send it directly to another person via Apple iMessage or any other communication service. Any information you choose to share via this sharing feature is optional and constitutes an express disclosure by you of that information. Anything you share on an external platform is governed by the terms of service and privacy policies of that platform.


The only time we may have access to personal data is if you choose to contact us through the app (via e-mail) or at any other time outside of the app through traditional communication methods. If you share your contact information with us so that we can communicate with you regarding our products, we promise to only use this information to respond to your request. We also promise to use reasonable care to safeguard this information.

Third-Party Providers

We use Apple to provide all of our app services to you including in-app purchases via the Apple App Store payment system. Our website services are provided through WordPress. Our social media accounts are supported by Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. By using services from any of these third-party vendors, you are subject to their terms of use and privacy policies. We are not responsible for communications or disclosures made by you on any third-party platforms.


We do not provide services to users under the age of 13. We strive to maintain compliance with privacy laws across all states and countries. You may have the right to request disclosure, correction, or deletion of your personal data. To delete your data, simply delete the app from your device(s) and/or your Apple iCloud account. Please contact us at support@rightalignment.co if you have any issues regarding consumer privacy and our products.