About PebbleZ

Keep track of your Mindful Moments with PebbleZ™! PebbleZ works with Apple Watch and iPhone so you can take your meditation off the mat. Integration with HealthKit means you never miss a mindful minute!

Buddhist teachings describe an ancient technique wherein practitioners would start the day with a small bag of pebbles on their belt. Every time they noticed an expansive thought, they would put a pebble into one of their pockets. With each contractive thought, they would put a pebble into the opposite pocket. At the end of the day, they had a physical representation of their mindfulness and a way to gauge their compassionate thinking.

PebbleZ can help you keep track without weighing you down. PebbleZ is a lightweight app built for watchOS and iOS that provides two functions in one simple interface. Register your Mindful Moments with an expansive/contractive meter that saves to HealthKit’s Mindful Minutes. Use the Meditation Timer for a distraction-free experience that records your heart rate with watchOS and saves your meditation to HealthKit’s Workouts. PebbleZ is supported by all of the complication families so you can quickly access the app from your Apple Watch face.

To get a comprehensive view of your progress over time, use PebbleZ for iPhone. Toggle between data from your Mindful Moments or Meditation Timer to get a glimpse of how your thinking expands over time. PebbleZ’s watchOS and iOS apps sync across devices or can be used independently! PebbleZ also supports Widgets for Lock and Home Screen for at-a-glance viewing on your iPhone.

Meditation and mindfulness looks different to everyone. Whether you’re walking, dancing, or singing, PebbleZ can help you be more present. Develop your awareness of thought and monitor your progress throughout the day, one microdose at a time.

App Features

  • Simple Tools: PebbleZ has two main tools which are easy to use. Mindful Moments allows you to record a thought as either expansive or contractive. How you consider and categorize these thoughts is completely up to you. The Meditation Timer is exactly as described – simply count down your meditative minutes without distraction. Your device will gently alert you with a haptic sensation when the time is up.
  • Visualization: You can easily chart your progress with our iPhone app, which provides a clear view of your expansion over time. Count your Mindful Moments and meditations over the week, month, or year.
  • HealthKit Integration: You can choose to integrate the data you input into PebbleZ with your existing Apple HealthKit interface. This makes your whole wellness journey clearer with the time you spend in PebbleZ saved as Mindful Minutes.
  • Privacy: Other apps collect and sell your data for profit. We put your privacy first – PebbleZ never collects or sells personal data, and all of your private app data is private to you. That’s a promise.