Pythian Priestess Dvn8 Review [TikTok]

TikTok influencer Pythian Priestess recently reviewed Dvn8 in a video that now has over 33k views. The host of The Occult Unveiled podcast expressed her enthusiasm for the app’s energy-reading technology and journal function. Pythian Priestess teaches her own school of magick online and has over 9.3M likes on TikTok.

Mystic of the Rainbow Dvn8 Review [TikTok]


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TikTok influencer Mystic of the Rainbow recently shared a review of Dvn8 with her 129k followers. In the video, she highlighted the app’s three-card pull function to do a collective reading. Mystic of the Rainbow is a professional tarot reader with over 3M likes on TikTok.

American Witch 13 Dvn8 Review [Instagram]

Instagram influencer American Witch 13 recently shared a review of Dvn8 with her 55k followers. The professional witch and medium praised the app’s Moon Phases feature and energy-reading technology in her post. The author and researcher offers professional services such as intuitive readings and spellcrafting through The Green Man store online.